Boat/Yachts Tours

We have selected the most exciting spots where no others city tour operator will take you, we’ll do quick stops in the areas of:
– Star Island (rich and famous)
– South Pointe Park
– Wynwood
– Coconut Grove
– Key Biscayne
– Brickell and Little Havana
Transportation and tour guide: $60 per person.


Wakeboarding/Wake Surfing

We have a favorite spot for the best view and experience at the everglades:

It takes about 45-50 minutes drive each way from Miami Beach, the total duration of the trip is 3.5 to 4 hours. Once you arrived, you can chose to go on the air-boat ride right away or stay to start with the alligators and wile life demonstration, the cost of this tours is: $60 per person!

The tour includes:
– Air-boat ride
– Alligator, wild life and snake demonstrations
– Transportation
– Tour guide in the vehicle
– Tour guide at the site

Note: This place offer food and drinks (great menu) including alligator and frogs bites, beers and soft drinks at your own expenses in case you were planing to have lunch at the site. Also, souvenir shop within the village.


Key West

Is the most southern part of the U.S., “this is an all day tour”!
We’ll start a 6: AM EST and return at sunset between 5:PM and 6: PM E.T. (arriving back to Miami Beach could be around 9:PM to 10: PM E.T.) – transportation and tour guide cost: $79 per person.


Private Yachts Tours

Casual boating on the sea, and bay with view to the city skyline/sunset in a luxurious yacht or sport-tour boat are one the things that cause a great way of imagination and pleasure in our brain, “THE WORLD IS YOURS”!


Fishing Trips

We have been able to GPS tracked spots in the corals reefs of Miami-Shores where you can deep-sea-fishing or bay-fishing (shallow waters) depending on the weather conditions you be able to catch from King fish, Snapper, Sail fish, Tuna and Sea-bass, etc. which are some the most popular fish found in our waters – starting at $70 per person.